Morning Star: Sins of an Angel (2002) The story behind this release is this is my first solo outing after leaving Ghetto Records in 2001. I had already planned on doing a solo album and this was part of 5 solos I had planned in the late 90’s. This went through a series of name changes before I settled on Morning Star: Sins of An Angel, a reference to Lucifer. Solo career wise, this is where is all began.

Hunting Season (2003) The story behind this release is in 2002, Psychopathic Records (home of Insane Clown Posse) had a contest going at their annual music festival The Gathering of the Juggalos. I entered with hopes of winning top prize and as history dictates, I won. I already had this EP planned before the Gathering, but I called it “The October Game.” It was originally supposed to only be 6 songs (Clockstoppers, Out Da Cosmos, Alice, The Shepherd, The October Game & Jack o’ Lanterns). My manager at the time convinced the VP of Psy to let me get a few more tracks on there, saying printing the CD would still cost the same and we’d provide our own production. Well from my prior release Morning Star, I thought with a 100-grand studio, they should be able to make it sound better, so I went in with my music on disc like I did Morning Star. The engineer stated there was something wrong with the audio and I would have to put the wavs on disc and I explained that to my comrade James and he said it would be no problem. My manager got arrogant and dismissed James claim and stated we should bring in the PlayStation itself extract the music from there. Needless to say, amidst technical difficulties, the CD was released and didn’t fare well. Retrospectively, I’m glad it didn’t because it forced me to learn music engineering myself the hard way so I could be responsible for my album’s outcome. Hunting Season: Annihilation proves this point and DEMOLISHES this release 10-fold.

The Haunt of Fear (2004) The story behind this release is the original Haunt of Fear was HOT GARBAGE!! It was part of a giveaway done by Fallen Ent in 2003 and I was tasked to provide for this label giveaway. I didn’t really have anything planned for it, so I whipped up The Haunt of Fear as a tribute to the EC Comics of the 1950’s. Well needless to say recording it was a joke and the mastering was horse-doo. That original release prompted me to start mixing my own music subsequently I released a newer version of The Haunt of Fear after Soul of the Beast in 2004.