Pale Horse: Requiem For The Darkness (2010) The story behind this release is it was 8 years in the making! There’s actually a full finished version that was completed while I was on Psychopathic Records (which will NEVER see the light of day). I delayed the release of this album, because I wanted it to be perfect! This was going to be my bid for horrorcore supremacy, as EVERY track was attached to the theme of death. I consider this album my best mixing to date and am proud of every song on it, despite some of my peer’s feelings on a couple songs. But if you don’t take chances creatively, you’ll never stand out and no one will remember you.

The Great Stairwell (2017)The story behind this release is it was 8 years in the making! After I wrapped up Pale Horse, I began work on The Great Stairwell. This is the first EP that followed my format I originally had for doing EP’s in between releases with just two intros and 6 songs. It’s my latest one and so far, the responses seem to be beyond positive for it and I personally feel lyrically, this is my best work to date. Something Wicked is a testament to that.

The Haunt of Fear 3 (2020) was released in October for free download on digital platforms everywhere. The EP takes the same direction as previous editions with horror stories told inbetween quips from the Old Witch. The Haunt of Fear 3 serves as a bridge from the Thanatos Era to what is to come.