Pale Horse: Requiem For The Darkness: CD
  • Pale Horse: Requiem For The Darkness: CD
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Finally Pale Horse is back in press, this time in a DVD style case!

  1. Feature Presentation 2. Burial At Sunset 3. Enter The Darkness 4. Flies 5. Light At The End 6. RX Death 7. Haunted House Ft. Defekt 8. The Mourning After 9. Abracadaver 10. Seance 11. Die By The Sword 12. Dead On Arrival

  2. The Valley Of The Twilight 14. Fear The Reaper 15. Wedding Bells 16. Death Threats Ft. Claas & Grewum 17. Run! 18. Gravediggers Ft. Grewsum & J Reno 19. Tears From A Flower 20. The Dead Will Return 21. Curse Of The Fullmoon 22. Night Of The Living Dead 23. The Deathbringer

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