When Theres No More Room In Hell Compilation: CD
  • When Theres No More Room In Hell Compilation: CD
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When There's No More Room In Hell: Volume I is a 2 disc compilation album, compiled and released by Sugar Daddy Productions, featuring songs from various artists from the underground hip-hop and horrorcore scenes. Featuring the Samuel Remix of the classic V Sinizter single "Silent Hill X".

Tracklist: Disc 1 Bloodshed Part 2 - Danny Diablo (Feat. Big Left, Danny Boy, & Ceekay) Maniak - Lawst Life Of Misery - Ric-Lo-X Zombiestyle - Jason Porter (Feat. Intrinzik) Time's Up - Dead Creeps Orchestra Always, Forever - Wolfpac What See What Get - Geist (Feat. Provokal) Ghetto Terrorist - Grave Plott Ladylike - True High Class Slap Dat Hoe - Q-Strange Amalgamation - Ruthless Ralph Macchio Memoirs - Q-Ball (Feat. Eddie Cheddar) When There's No More - Lo Key Armageddon - Brainsick (Feat. Jaronimo) Check Royalty - Big B (Feat. Dirtball) Underground Sound - Havok CoatTails - Playaz Lounge Crew Welcome To Purgatory - Purgatory Bound Soul To Take - Dr. Gigglez Survivor - Vanilla Ice

Disc 2 Silent Hill (Samuel Mix) - V Sinizter Vengeance Is Mine - M-Theory Where's Ya God Now? - Bawston Strangla 2 Or 3 Steps - I-45 How U Live - Dieabolik (Feat. Madman) Edicius - ClaAs B.O.R. II Blood Smear - Professor Fresh Abduction 101 - X-Breed We're All Dead - Dinerologic Dark Side Of Earth - L.U. Cipha The Sadist - J Reno The Sadist Story Of A Crook - Madhouse Clique Smell Their Fear - Scum Love After Death - Stitchez All I Know Is Hate - GuttaMind One Day - Troubled Mindz Trust Issue - Delusional The Window - Defekt

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